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Privacy policy

This Agreement on the use of the User's Personal Data (hereinafter referred to as the "User") of the game "Money Racing" © (hereinafter referred to as the "Game") on the game website and the playground (hereinafter referred to as the "Web Resources", "Resources") establishes the conditions under which the Portuguese company "TOURINGEVENTS CONSULTORS e SERVIÇOS LDA", registered at Portugal, mayico, Estrada Ponta da Oliveira, 30 (hereinafter referred to as the "Site Administration") provides access to The game. When creating an account (the "Account", "Account") in the Game, any individual accepts the terms of this Privacy Policy and the use of cookies (hereinafter "Policy").

If the User creates an Account on any of the Web Resources, he must accept the License Agreement and the terms of this Policy. By accepting the terms of this Policy, the User confirms his consent to the collection and processing of certain information for the purposes set forth in this Policy and in accordance therewith.

Site Administration may receive information about the User in connection with the granting of rights to use the Web Resources and

Site Administration undertakes to protect and maintain the confidentiality of information about the User. This Policy establishes the procedure for processing information that the User provides or that the Site Administration collects about the User.

Site Administration observes the right of the User to the confidentiality of personal data and processes such data and other information provided by the User or collected about the User solely in accordance with this Policy and applicable law.


    Controller in the sense of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection or data privacy laws in the Member States of the European Union and other guidelines with a data protection nature regarding our online games including, but not limited to, the game "Money Racing" and the playground "Leader Takes All", associated web-sites as and, - as well as any other games and websites of the "Leader Takes All" playground on which this Policy is placed, is:


    Canico, Estrada Ponta da Oliveira, 30




    The contact details of Data Protection Officer are:

    Canico, Estrada Ponta da Oliveira, 30

    Portugal (Portugal)



    Site Administration processes the personal data of the User only in cases when it is necessary to comply with the terms of the contract described in the License Agreement. Data processing is necessary to comply with the legal obligations and interests of the Site Administration, which implies the provision of the ability to use the Resources in an efficient and safe manner, based on ensuring equal conditions for all Users who use the Resources.


    When using the User Resources, the Site Administration collects information about the User directly (when you provide information to us) or indirectly (e.g. through our Site’s technology).


      With the direct receipt of information, the User provides data voluntarily, that is, independently decides whether to provide data or not. It is important to take into account the fact that the use of certain Resources is possible only if the necessary data is provided (for example, when creating an Account). When creating the Account, the User is asked to provide personal information, including, but not limited to, the name and email address.


      The Site Administration also indirectly collects information about the User through the collection of data from Resources. This information may include, but is not limited to, information about the browser and device, data collected in the process of automatic electronic interaction, demographic, geographic and geolocation information, statistical and aggregated information ("Other information"). Statistical or aggregated information does not refer to a particular person, but can be obtained from the User's Personal Data. In cases where other information is combined with the User's Personal Data, it is processed on the same principle as the User's Personal Data.

      1. Tracking data and Cookie

        The Site Administration, as well as its Partners (for example, marketing and analytics partners) use "cookies" (text files hosted on the User's computer and allowing to analyze how resources are used) and similar technologies (for example, web beacons, ad tags and device identifiers) to recognize the User or device, and also to improve the quality of the Resources offered, the functionality of the website, marketing and analytics. The use of cookies is standard for the Internet. Although most web browsers accept cookies automatically, the decision whether to accept them or not depends on the User. You may configure browser settings to prevent cookies from receiving or to notify them of being sent. You may also opt out of using cookies by using the appropriate settings in your browser. However, it is important to consider the fact that this action may severely restrict access to the full functionality of Web sites.

        The volume and patterns of website traffic (for example, the daily number of website visitors or pages) are usually referred to as the "Tracking data" category. This type of indirectly collected information is collected through various means (for example, IP-addresses, numbers that are automatically assigned to the computer for use on the Internet). Web servers (computers serving web pages) automatically recognize the User's device by its IP address. When a user visits any of the Web sites, the servers register the IP address of the device.

        1.  Analytical cookies

          The Site Administration uses third-party analytics services, such as Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica and DevToDev ("Third Party Analysts"). These third-party analysts use cookies on Web sites. Third-party analysts may store data on servers and transmit cookies about the User's use of Websites and Accounts, and may be located outside the European Economic Area. Third-party analysts use this information on behalf of the Site Administration to evaluate the use of Websites, to report on the operation of the website and to provide access to Resources related to the operation of the website.

          The following Google Analytics cookies are used:

          _ga (also known as _rollupGa). The cookie is used to collect information and statistics about the use of the website. It expires after 2 years.

          _gid (also known as _rollupGa_gid). The cookie is used to distinguish users. It expires after 24 hours.

          _gat. The cookie is used to throttle request rate. It expires after 1 minute.

          _gac_. This cookie contains campaign related information for the user. AdWords website conversion tags will read this cookie in an anonymous form. It expires after 90 days.

          _dc_gtm_. This cookie is used to throttle request rate in an anonymous form. It expires after 1 minute.

          The following Yandex.Metric Cookie are used:

          _ym_isad. This cookie helps to check if AdBlock is enabled in user browser. It expires after 24 hours.

          _ym_uid. This cookie is used to collect information and report website usage statistics. We use these cookies to improve user experience. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited. It expires after 2 years.

          _ym_visorc. This cookie enables session replays. These cookie is used for Webvisor feature in Yandex.Metrica reports, which enables "Sessions replays" ( Yandex ensures that all collected information is depersonalised. The cookie expires after less than 1 day.

          We also use some additional Yandex.Metrica cookies with the following expiry terms: sync_cookie_csrf expires after 1 day, i expires after 10 years, yandexuid expires after 10 years, yp expires after 10 years, sync_cookie_ok expires after 2 days.

          Collection and use of data (cookies and IP address) for Google Analytics may be disabled using the plugin. For more information, go to: (Google Analytics Terms of Use and Privacy), and for Yandex.Metrica with the add-on:

        2.  Third-party cookies

          To display advertising on behalf of Site Administration, third-party advertising companies are used, including CPA Admitad, Facebook, Vkontakte and others. These companies may use cookies and action tags to determine and improve the effectiveness of advertising. You may configure your browser's settings to prevent third-party cookies from receiving or to notify them of sending them.

      2. Information related to the Games, device information, geolocation data

        In order to provide the User with the opportunity to use the Resources properly, the Site Administration needs to collect, store and use various information about the activities in the Games. "Information related to the Games" includes the Account ID, as well as the game statistics. Game statistics are information about the User's preferences in the Game, the progress in the Game, the frequency of the games, and information about the device by which the User uses the Resources, including the device type, its operating system, parameters, unique identifiers and error data. From the type of device and its settings often depends, in whole or in part, information is collected.

      3. Information required for fraud and violations detection.

        The Site Administration collects certain data (for example, IP address, user name, etc.) to detect, investigate and prevent violations of the rules of the Game and the License Agreement. These data are used only for the above purposes and are deleted six months after the collection, unless a longer period is necessary to prove the violation. If the data may be used to prove fraud or other fraud or violation of the provisions of the License Agreement, they are retained to file, support or defend against the claim within the applicable limitation period

      4. Information from publicly available online resources

        The Site Administration may use publicly available information (for example, from YouTube,, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to find out the User's opinion about the Games and Resources and take it into account to improve the quality of service.

      5. Information from Partners

        In order to fulfill the obligation in accordance with the License Agreement, and also if data processing is required to fulfill a legal obligation, the Site Administration may obtain information about the User from Partners (including payment and advertising partners). The Site Administration uses only the data controlled by the Partners in accordance with their instructions and applicable law. When the User makes a refill in the game or withdraws funds, the Site Administration may receive from the payment partners and process a part of the credit card number, information about the issuer of your credit card, as well as the full address for invoicing.


    Acting for the purposes specified in this Policy, the Site Administration may transfer User's Personal Data to Subsidiaries, suppliers or agents operating on behalf of the Site Administration. For example, the Site Administration may involve companies to assist in the protection and security of systems. All suppliers or agents must meet the requirements for confidentiality and data security; they are not allowed to use the User's Personal Data provided by the Site Administration for any other purposes than those specified. The above companies may be located outside the European Economic Area.


    Site Administration does not collect, process or store data about children. In the context of this Policy, "child" means an individual under the age of 18 (or the minimum established age level, granting permission to collect and process data, if applicable, legislation of a different age). Under the License Agreement, for the use of Resources, confirmation of majority in each individual jurisdiction is necessary.


    Site Administration and its employees understand the need to ensure the confidentiality of users and takes reasonably reasonable security measures to protect the User's Personal Data from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, modification and destruction, taking into account the risks associated with the processing of personal data.


    Most of the User's Personal Data collected and processed for the purposes described in this Policy is retained as long as the User continues to use the Resources. The data is deleted after 45 (forty five) calendar days after the Account is deleted, during which the Account may be restored. The process of data deletion may take up to three months from the end of the recovery period specified above, and may also be extended for another two months, depending on the complexity of such removal and the number of requests.

  8. USE OF THE User's Personal Data

    The execution of the contract between the User and the Site Administration in accordance with Article 6 (1) (b) of the GDPR Regulation requires the processing of the User's Personal Data. Data are used for the following purposes, unless otherwise provided by law:

      - providing the user with information about the Account, transactions, Web site functions and policy changes;

      - support (including, but not limited to, product updates, troubleshooting, etc.).


      Site Administration uses the User's Personal Data in the legitimate interests in accordance with Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR Regulation to notify the User about the features of Websites, to provide information about the release of new products, and to advertise products in accordance with this Policy. Thus, once the User creates an account, the Site Administration has the right to use the email address, nickname, IP address to send emails, messages and targeted advertising to the Games (both inside the Games and on the Web). In addition, if the User consents to the newsletter, the Site Administration may send emails, messages and targeted advertising (both inside the game and on the Web). The subscription option may be selected when creating an Account or in the future in the Account; the same tool allows you to disable the subscription. However, even if the Subscriber signs a subscription, the Site Administration will still be able to send some notifications (so-called "transaction notifications"), for example, to confirm payment or changes in the Account, provide information about the warranty or security, changes to the License Agreement and Privacy Policy . All notifications are stopped only after the Account is deleted.


      The Site Administration analyzes the Tracking Data and Information related to the Games in order to determine how it is possible to improve the quality of the Users' service in general. The user has the right not to participate in polls and he chooses which information to provide.


      The Site Administration may also use the Information related to the Games to send certain targeted in-game offers that, based on the game status and the current game situation, will provide the relevant User with relevant information that will provide him / her with benefits. Based on the Information relating to the Games, information about different users, a template of the behavior of the Users segment is drawn up and an algorithm is created. If the User falls into one or another template, he receives a notification.


      The Site Administration uses the information necessary to detect, investigate and prevent violation of the rules of the Game and the License Agreement only for the above purposes. If the data may be used to prove fraud or other fraud or violation of the provisions of the End User License Agreement, they are retained for filing, supporting or protecting against the claim within the applicable limitation period.


    In order to fulfill the terms of the contract between the Site Administration and the User, the first to comply with legal obligations and interests may transfer data to the second third persons of the following categories:

      1. Payment partners: Site Administration informs the partner about the e-mail address, IP-address, information about the account replenishment, as well as data on requests for withdrawal of funds, which the User provides when placing a request for replenishment and withdrawal of funds. Among the partners are PayPal (Europe), Yandex.Money, Qiwi.

      2. Advertising partners: The Site Administration informs the partner of the email address, nickname, IP address and other data provided by the User and allows to facilitate the transfer of online advertising of third-party services or otherwise facilitate the transmission of information that may be useful, relevant or interesting; among partners CPA Admitad.

      3. Companies for the prevention of violations and fraud: Site Administration may disclose information necessary for the detection, investigation and prevention of violation of the rules of the Game and the License Agreement, only for the above purposes.

      4. Transfer control: The Site Administration may disclose the User's Personal Data when selling, merging or changing the company's control structure, as well as in preparation for any of these events. Any person acquiring a company or a part thereof will be entitled to use the User's Personal Data, however only in the manner provided for in this Privacy Policy, unless otherwise agreed with the User.

    If the User's Personal Data is disclosed to the subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as to third parties outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, the Site Administration guarantees the proper level of data protection, including, inter alia, the implementation by the affiliated persons and subsidiaries and corresponding third parties of the standard provisions of the European Commission on data protection.


      The Site Administration has the right to disclose to an advertising partner anonymous data (that is, data that does not disclose the User's identity either directly or indirectly), as well as aggregated data (data on groups and user categories, including game statistics and behavioral data in the game which do not identify any individual user and may not be used for such identification). Also, the Site Administration may allow advertisers to collect anonymous and aggregated data within the framework of providing the opportunity to use the Resources, and they may subsequently transmit these data to the Site Administration. Advertisers may collect information using tracking technologies (for example, cookies and web beacons). These technologies allow advertisers to develop and publish targeted advertisements in the framework of using Resources and on third-party websites, and also to advertise product advertising based on data about the needs of the User. Advertisers also use this data to monitor and develop their own activities.


    Directly realize the right to work with data The user may be centralized in the Account.


      The user has the right to access the Data received by the Site Administration. This right is realized through a free request in the Personal Office to provide (i) information about the storage of the User's Personal Data, (ii) access to the Data about the User, and (iii) a copy of the stored User's Personal Data. Usually a copy of the stored data is provided upon request from the User within 30 (thirty) days. Site Administration may not provide User's Personal Data published (or provided with the use of Resources) in a particular field, on the website, etc., contrary to the notification that there is no need for such publication.


      The user himself determines which nickname, e-mail address, social network accounts, trusted sites and payment methods will be associated with his Account. In case of any changes to the above data, the User makes changes to the Account himself through the Account. If this data does not correspond to reality, the User should inform Site Administration about this.


      The user has the right to request the removal of Data by deleting the Account using the Account. As a result of the deletion of the Account, the User loses access to the Resources.

      1. Recovery period

        The user may restore the Account during the recovery period, which is 45 (forty five) days from the time the request for deletion was sent. This allows you not to lose data about the Games, other important settings and information by mistake. The recovery period allows you to complete the financial and other operations that the user may initiate before sending a request to delete the account.

      2. Saved data

        Upon the expiration of the account recovery period, the Site Administration removes all User's Personal Data, except for data that is required to comply with the requirements of applicable law (for example, taxation and accounting), and to detect, investigate and prevent violation of the rules of the Game and the License Agreement. After the deletion of the Account, anonymous information is also stored. After the deletion of the Account or information in the profile or mailbox, the information that the User has published, for example, in the Games chat, remains visible; Administration also does not control data copied by other users.


      If the processing of the User's Personal Data is based on legitimate interests in accordance with Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR Regulation, the User may at any time exercise his right to object to such processing. In this case, in the absence of a convincing legal basis for data processing or the need for them to submit, support or defend against a claim, the Site Administration will stop processing the data.

      The user also has the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority.


    Site Administration has the right to periodically for various reasons make changes to this Policy, for example to reflect changes in legislation and regulations, industry principles and technical developments. Changes to this Privacy Policy shall take effect immediately after its update and publication on the Web Resources in the "News" section of the notification of the change to the current Privacy Policy.


    In the event that questions or comments arise regarding this Policy, the User may contact Site Administration at