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Now the "Player vs Player" mode is a real race!

We are happy to announce our new update! Now the "Player vs Player" mode is a real race, the winner is the first player to cross the finish line. And the main thing is that you can now see your opponent's car and compete in real time. The race consists of three laps. Have a great race and good luck!

Would you like to add your own features to the game?

We are always open to fresh ideas and happy to receive feedback from our players. If there is anything you want us to do or advise us on how we can improve our services, please write to us.

Chat in the game

Dear players, we carefully listen to what you have to say and, therefore, we have have implemented an in-game chat option. It will make it even easier for you to find an opponent. You can now agree on the games you are going to play in advance and discuss the races using our friendly chat tool.

How do you challenge someone from the chat?

It’s easy — choose your opponent, right click his nickname and choose the «duel» option, then suggest your bet and wait for 30 seconds. Your opponent will see a window suggesting him to accept the challenge, which he will respond to in 30 seconds. You can be challenged too, be prepared!

You can also add players to your favorites list, where you can find them quickly through the player search, see who's online right now and challenge them. If your opponent is offline — find him in our VKontakte community and suggest to play. Don’t forget to join the community yourself :) See you in the game!

Challenge everyone!

Players! In our latest update we implemented the ability to challenge every player to a PVP race. Now you can play with friends and choose your opponent! And to make finding friends and checking if they are online easier we added the «favorites» section. Try yourself — challenge the best and may the luck be with you!

Training with an opponent 1 on 1

The training mode was changed - now it is a classic race with an opponent, whose level of difficulty you choose at the beginning.

Another update: the speed is not on the track now increased x3 times, it means that now if the player made a small mistake and left the track, catching up with the opponent and winning will be easier.


Hello! We are pleased to announce that we have added many interesting innovations to the game:

  • we have implemented in-game bonuses that will play more at the higher rates, earning the most points in the tournament and improve their position in the ranking;
  • for this we have divided the balance sheets: the money is stored on the balance of money, and bonuses - on the bonus. At the same time, there is a basic balance, which is the sum of the monetary and bonus balances. You can learn more about this here:
At the moment the following types of bonuses are realized:
  • bonus 0.5 dollars for the first race;
  • a bonus for every paid (0.05 dollars) and a free race ($ 0.01), regardless of whether the victory or defeat it ended;
  • bonus for replenishment - the amount of replenishments will be multiplied by 2 and accrued to the bonus account.

Updated tournament

Already in a very short time we will launch a weekly tournament with an increased prize pool and actively begin to attract new players. Your feedback on the game innovations will be very useful for us, so write your impressions of the game and offer our mail: This is a real chance to influence the future of the game and make it what you want. Get more pleasure from playing for higher bets and the joy of winning real money!

Changes in the Rules for the Drawing of the Prize Fund

1) Changed the rules for calculating points for free games: now for the victory the player receives 2 points, for the defeat - 1 point.

2) The player needs to score 30 points to take part in the draw of the prize fund.

3) After a set of 30 points, the user is no longer awarded points for free games.

4) The number of points for paid bets has been increased. Their number depends on the size of the bet - the higher it is, the more points. Also, when playing at high stakes, the user receives points and for defeats.

For more information about the new rules, see the "Rules" section at:

Hello! Our next release!

The system of bonuses, the new rules of the weekly tournament, the increase of points for betting games and the ability to take calls to the race directly from the training window.

  • Now the size of the bonuses and the rules for their accrual are in the section "Bonuses" in the profile header.
  • The status of your bonuses can be viewed in the profile in the "Player Account" section and from there you can add them to your account.
  • The system of scoring points for the prize fund has changed: until the player has scored 30 points, for the victory he gets 2 points, and for the defeat 1. After the player is given 30 points, the rating points for free games are not calculated. To earn a prize fund, the player needs to overcome the bar in 30 points and enter the top ten players of the week.
  • We also introduced a restriction for the top 5 players of last week - these players can play, but they do not participate in the distribution of the prize pool. This is done in order to increase the chances of winning the prize pool of other players.
  • Increased the number of points for betting games: the higher the bet, the greater the rating points. With a bet of $ 2 points are awarded to both the winner and the loser. Details in the "Rules" section and in the "How it is distributed" window in the menu of the game itself.
  • Changed the finishing windows in the game 1 on 1 and in training: now you can call an opponent to a rematch in a free race, and raise or lower the amount of the bet. In the final training window you can see the current bets and take the call to the race without leaving the main menu.
  • The innovation "Actual rates" has changed for the better: now you can choose a suitable bet, click on it and take a call.

Изменен призовой фонд и минимальная сумма вывода

С сегодняшней недели призовой фонд сокращается до 10 долларов. Это изменение было введено с целью стимулировать игроков играть на ставки и повысить динамику игры, увеличив конкуренцию. Чтобы это не вызывало неудобств, минимальная сумма вывода понижена до 5 долларов.

Это изменение никак не повлияет на справедливые и честные выплаты победителям и не изменит процедуру выплат.