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Frequently asked questions


How do I enter the game if I have registered through a social network?

If you have registered via one of the available networks(vk, facebook, ok, google plus), each time when you subsequently enter the Game, press the button “Sign in through vk, facebook, ok, google plus.

How do I restore my password?

To restore your password, press the “restore password” button. Instructions explaining how to restore your password will be sent to the email address you specified during registration.

How do I change the e-mail which the game is registered to?

To change the e-mail address the game is registered o, you need to apply to the Game Administration in writing.

Game Balance

Each player has 3 game balance: main, monetary and bonus.

The main game balance is the sum of the monetary and bonus balances. Its amount is displayed in the game, and all the betting operations in the game pass first through it. Based on the state of the main game balance, the player understands what bet he can play. The monetary balance is a balance on which the money contributed by the user to the game is credited. Also on it is charged a part of the prize fund and partly the amount of the user's winnings. The main task of the monetary balance is to accumulate all the user's money in the game in one place. The withdrawal of funds is carried out only from the monetary balance.Bonus balance - the balance on which the game currency is charged for certain actions in the game. Funds from the bonus account also allow you to play bets. The task of the bonus account is to give the player the opportunity to play more games at a higher rate. This is necessary in order to gain more points in the rating table of the prize fund in order to eventually take a higher place and at the end of the week to get the most part of the prize fund.

Where can I see the state of my main game balance?

The state of the main game balance is displayed in the player's profile on the page in the "Player account"

How the amount of bets is distributed between balances?

For example: the player has on the main balance 10 dollars: 5 on the monetary balance and 5 on the bonus balance. He bet 1 dollar and wins. What is happening at this moment:

  1. with a win a commission of the game is charged - 15% (in this example - 15 cents);
  2. the amount of the bet including commission is added to the main game balance: 10 + 0.85 = 10, 85;
  3. after which the amount of the winnings is distributed between the monetary balance and the bonus balance one depending on their ratio in the main game balance sheet.

In this case, $ 0.425 will be credited to the monetary balance and $ 0.425 dollars will also be credited to the bonus balance. As a result, after winning, the player will have: on the main game balance 10.85 dollars, on a monetary 5,425 and on a bonus 5,425.

For example, if the user had no bonuses. The state of the main game balance is $ 10, the state of the monetary balance is $ 10, the state of the bonus balance is $ 0. In this case, when the user makes a bet of $ 1 and wins: the main game balance became 10.85 dollars, the monetary balance - 10.85 dollars, the bonus - 0.

In other words all the wins and losses are first added to the main game balance, and then distributed between monetary and bonus balance by the following formulas: for the monetary balance: the sum of bets on the monetary balance sheet = total amount bet * The share of monetary balance is the main game balance, which in turn is calculated as: amount on the monetary balance / amount on the main game balance. Similarly with a bonus balance.

How can you make money faster in the game?

To earn more quickly, you need to have a zero bonus balance, then all bets will be added directly to the monetary balance. To reset the bonuses, you need to go to your account in the "Player Account" section, go to the Bonus Balance and click on the icon next to the amount of bonuses.

Why do players need bonuses?

Bonuses are needed in order to be able to play games on the bet. In order to be able to play more of these games and earn more points in the ranking, which will allow you to take a higher place in the ranking and pick up most of the prize pool. Also, bonuses allow you to spend less money when losing.

What are the bonuses in the game?

The following types of bonuses are available in the game:

  • bonus on the first paid race in the amount of $0,5,
  • bonus for the first replenishment of the account - with the first replenishment the amount is doubled and charged to the bonus account,
  • promotional bonuses for the replenishment - each subsequent promotion replenishment doubles the amount of bonuses,
  • bonus for free games - for every free game, regardless of whether the user won or lost, he gets $0,01.
  • bonus for betting games is also the case with the games on the bet - for each game the user receives $0,05

Can I withdraw funds from the bonus account?

No, the withdrawal of funds is only from the player's monetary balance.

Other questions

Can my opponent be a much stronger or poorer Player than me?

No, the system selects an opponent, whose BLT is closest to yours, so your winning chances are almost equal, it all depends on you.

What is the minimum and the maximum bet?

Possible bet options: FREE, $0.10, $0.25, $0.5, $1, $2, $5, $10, $15, $20, you select the bet yourself. Please note that the system selects the opponent for you among the Players who have chosen the same bet, i.e. the opponents’ bets should coincide, be of the same amount.

What is the prize amount for winning the race?

The prize amount depends on the bet. You chose the bet you want to play at.The prize amount will be double your bet minus the system fee. The procedure of the system fee accrual for each bet option is detailed in the game rules.

What is DRS?

DRS (Drag Reduction System) is a system for reducing turbulence made as an adjustable spoiler, which, by changing the angle of its plane, helps to reduce down-force and thus considerably increase the speed. DRS acceleration is enabled only within designated track sections (DRS zones), outside these zones, acceleration is disabled.

Is there a charge for using DRS acceleration function or is it free?

DRS acceleration is free for a “Player vs Player” mode.

Is there a mobile version of the game?

At the moment, the game does not have a mobile version.

How to become a rating table leader in the “Player vs Player” mode?

Depending on the bet amount, the winning Player receives points which go into the rating table. The prize fund is distributed among the top 10 players. The table is updated every round.

Player vs Player mode interface