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User agreement

Dear Players! All the games available on Leader Тakes All portal are not gambling and they are governed by the rules and terms and conditions of the user agreement.

MoneyRacing is the only game we have available at the moment. It is a car racing game, but we are working hard to develop games in other subject areas and will present them as soon as they are ready.

User agreement

Dear Players! All the games available on Leader Тakes All portal are not gambling and they are governed by the rules and terms and conditions of the user agreement. Money Racing is the only game we have available at the moment. It is a browser-based car racing game, but we are working hard to develop other games and will present them as soon as they are ready.

Money Racing© Game System

User Agreement

This User Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which TOURINGEVENTS CONSULTORS e SERVIÇOS LDA, a Portuguese company registered at 30 Estrada Pontada Oliveira, Canico, Portugal (hereinafter referred to as the “Game Administration”), grants access to the Money Racing© game (hereinafter referred to as the “Game”) on (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). By accessing the Game via a web browser or a mobile client application any individual (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) becomes a party to this User Agreement and undertakes to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  1. Requirements
    1. Before using the Website, you must:
      1. read, accept and agree to the terms of this User Agreement and Privacy Policy;
      2. Register an account (hereinafter referred to as the "Game Account") on the Website. The User is responsible for all costs for the Internet connection to the Website, as well as additional costs that may arise during the use of the Game through the Website.
    2. The User agrees that the User Agreement rules, regulations, requirements and conditions may change without prior notice.
  2. Access to the Game
      1. Creating an Game Account.
      2. Only an individual who is considered to be an adult and fully legally capable in the country of residence or citizenship can register an Game Account. Registration by corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and other legal entities is prohibited. Persons who are prohibited by the Game Administration from using the Website can not create or use the Game Account. Accepting the terms of this User Agreement, the User confirms that it meets the specified requirements.
      3. When creating or updating an Game Account on the Website, certain personal data such as name, surname, date of birth and e-mail address, User ID in social networks and, in some cases, payment requiWebsites, must be provided to the Game Administration. The User agrees to provide accurate and complete information at the request of the Game Administration and update this information immediately after it is modified. When registering for the Game, the User undertakes to provide valid data about himself for confirmation of legal capacity, payment of winnings and unlocking of the Game Account. If necessary, the Game Administration has the right to request documents confirming the identity of the User.
      4. In case of any questions or problems during registration, the User can contact the support service by sending an e-mail to:
      5. When creating an Game Account, you may need to select a unique username and / or password. In addition to the cases specified in this document, it is prohibited to disclose information about the Game Account and its registration data.The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the registration data and for any use of this information. If you become aware of or have reasonable suspicions about data security breaches, including loss, theft or unauthorized disclosure of registration data, you should immediately notify the Website at the email address
      1. Personal information.
      2. The Game Administration is obliged to comply with the protection requirements in a form that uses personal information collected as a result of the user's visit to the game. The Game Administration uses personal information provided by Users on the basis of the Privacy Policy.
      3. By providing personal information, the User agrees that the Game Administration has the right to process the user's personal data in order to comply with the rules specified in the User Agreement, as well as to comply with regulatory and legal obligations.
      4. In accordance with the Privacy Policy, the Game Administration agrees not to disclose to anyone the personal information of the Users, except for the employees of the Game, who will use it solely for the better provision of services.
      5. The Game Administration stores copies of all correspondence received from Users in order to keep as much as possible all the information received from the User for solving game problems.
      6. The Game Administration uses cookies to ensure the functionality of the Website. "Cookie" is a special small-sized text file that is saved on the user's computer when visiting the Website in order to identify the User when they visit the Website again. For more information about monitoring and deleting cookies, visit Please note that deleting the cookies of the Website may result in blocking access to certain sections and functions of the Website.
  3. The Game Balance in Game Account
    1. The game balance of each User is divided into three parts: money, bonus and main. The money balance reflects the User's funds, which he contributes to the game, the bonus is the amount of bonuses received in the Game. All bonus funds automatically fall on the bonus balance, unless otherwise specified in the bonus promotion. The main balance is the sum of the bonus and money balances.
    2. Bidding operations are conducted on the main balance, after which the bet amount is distributed between the bonus and money balances, depending on the balance of funds in the Game Accounts. money payments are made only from the money balance. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 (twenty) US dollars.
    3. When registering for the Game, the User confirms that he has reviewed and agrees with all terms of the Game Account replenishment with the help of the payment systems provided in the Game, as well as with all conditions for withdrawal of the money of the PayPal payment system and Yandex.Money service (the link to the conditions of the "Fast" service payment ":, and agrees to follow their instructions clearly.
    4. Regardless of the method of replenishment, the funds on the Game Account are not transferable to another person or the Game Account. The user is fully responsible for all operations with the Game Account, including unauthorized. Also, the User is fully responsible for any use of the Game Account.
    5. The Game Administration does not accept funds from third parties: friends, relatives or partners. The User is obliged to contribute only from his Game Account, payment card or system registered in the name of the User. In case of revealing the facts of violation of this condition - all winnings can be canceled.
    6. The User is fully aware that using the Game may lead to loss of funds, and assumes full responsibility for any possible losses. The user confirms that he uses the Game at his own will, decision and at his own risk. The User has no right to present any claims to the Game Administration related to losses and losses.
    7. The user is solely responsible for verifying whether the appropriate amount has been credited or withdrawn from the Game Account. The status of the Game Account can be seen on the Profile page or the Game itself.
    8. In case of suspicions about hacking of the User Game Account, you should contact the support of the Users of the Game at The Game Account will be protected only after the confirmation of receipt of the message about possible hacking of the Game Account by the Game Administration to the User.
    9. The Game Administration may request additional information and / or documents confirming the User's request. From the moment when such request was sent, the Game Administration can block the Game Account and unlock it only after the User regains control of the Game Account. The Game Administration has the right to reduce, liquidate, deactivate, suspend or terminate the Game Account attached to the Game Account or to access the Game Account if the Game Administration determines after investigation that the User has used the Game Account improperly or for the purpose of performing any fraudulent or unlawful acts.
    10. If the Game Administration establishes the User's responsibility for the hacking of Game Accounts, the Game Administration reserves the right to withdraw from the Game Account of the Game Account funds in the amount corresponding to the amount of profit due to the hacking of other Accounts, with simultaneous suspension of access to the services offered to you by the Website and / or disabling the Account.
    11. For the registration on the Website and participation in special promotions, the User may receive bonuses in the form of bonuses. Accepting this Agreement, the User confirms that he understands the terms of each bonus that can be received by him on the Website and accepts them.
    12. The user can at any time refuse the received bonus by using the bonus balance zeroing function. To refuse the existing bonus funds, the user must enter his profile and click on the "Renounce bonuses" button.
    13. When the funds are withdrawn, the bonus balance is reset to zero, this happens at the time of the withdrawal request. If the payment for some reason has not taken place, the funds can be returned to the money balance, but the bonuses will not be restored.
  4. Beta testing
    1. If the User receives the rights to participate in the beta testing of the Game, the User acquires the status of a beta tester.
    2. Beta testing is conducted solely for the purpose of evaluating the software capabilities of the Game and detecting errors. At the same time during the beta testing, the User is not granted the rights and benefits specified in the Agreement.
    3. The Game Administration is not responsible for events occurring during the beta process. The user acknowledges and understands that he is participating in the beta test at his own risk and that the Game may contain errors. Any data may be deactivated and deleted from the Game Accounts at any time during the beta or after the end of the beta test, except as specified in the open beta.
    4. Administration is not responsible for ensuring continuous access to the Game during its beta testing.
    5. Any information received by the User in the course of beta testing is confidential and is not subject to disclosure.
    6. In order to take part in the beta testing, it is necessary to go through the authorization process and participate personally.
    7. Access to beta testing may be terminated at any time for violation of this Agreement.
  5. Services of the Game Administration
    1. The Game Administration renders services in the use of the Website and the Game in the form and scope that it considers necessary.
    2. The Game Administration is not responsible for computer failures and problems with communication of the User's equipment.
    3. The Game Administration reserves the right to eliminate technical problems as soon as possible.
    4. The Game Administration has the right to perform preventive maintenance in its software and hardware complex without notification to the User.
    5. The user independently decides to use the services of the Website or not, and any actions and their consequences are a consequence of the User's personal choice, made at his discretion at his own risk and risk.
    6. The Website is operated in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. The Game Administration does not provide any additional guarantees or representations in relation to the Website and the services offered on it and thereby excludes its responsibility (to the extent provided by law) in respect of all available guarantees.
    7. The Game Administration is not liable for any offense, negligence, loss, damage and loss that it can not foresee at the moment.
    8. The Game Administration is not responsible for the content of resources that can be accessed through this Website.
    9. All disputable situations are resolved at the discretion of the Game Administration. All funds accrued as a result of incorrect winnings are not transferable to the User.
      1. Failure in the work of the Game shall be considered to be failures and disruptions in the working capacity of software and hardware, including as a result of deliberate external threats. The game malfunction is a violation of the physical and logical integrity of the data structures stored in the operational and external memory. The cause of the failure of the game is any mechanical or other impact from the outside, hacker attacks, data centers malfunction, power outages, interruptions of Internet connections and other negative factors. In the case of unconfirmed winnings on the relevant grounds, it is recognized as an incorrect win and can not be paid out. The winnings are not confirmed in the following cases:
        1. compilation of a winning combination directly in the period of the game's malfunction;
        2. the emergence of circumstances that prevent the fulfillment of obligations on the part of the Game that could not be foreseen and prevented within a reasonable time (force majeure);
        3. incorrect calculation, which is not confirmed by the payment schedule.
  6. Payments to Users
    1. Requests for withdrawal of funds are sent to the mailbox at and processed within 7 days.
    2. Payments are made on Thursday of each calendar week. Requests for withdrawal of funds sent less than three days before the payment day will be processed in the next payment period.
    3. In case of requesting a bank transfer to return the funds to their rightful owner, all expenses and commissions are paid at the beneficiary's expense
    4. The Game Administration has the right to block the User's Game Account, as well as to cancel payments and collect winnings, in case of suspicion that the replenishment of the Game Account has been carried out in a fraudulent manner. The Game Administration has the right to notify the relevant authorities about fraudulent activities with payments and illegal activities.
    5. The user is fully aware and accepts the fact that the Game Account is not a bank account. Therefore, the insurance methods, replenishment, guarantees and other methods of protection from the deposit insurance system and other insurance systems do not apply to it. The money on the Game Account does not accrue interest.
    6. The game profile must be fully completed when processing the withdrawal request.
    7. The Game Administration has the right to request the identity documents of the User for carrying out the identification procedure. For its implementation, the user must send a copy or digital photograph of the identity document. The document image is allowed to fill in the number and the passport number.
    8. The Commission shall pay for withdrawal of funds from the User.
  7. Fraud and conspiracy
    1. The following activities are strictly prohibited, the commission of such actions will be regarded as a direct violation of the Agreement:
      1. transfer of information to a third party;
      2. illegal actions: fraud, use of malicious programs, bots and errors in the software of the Website;
      3. fraudulent actions, which are the use of stolen, cloned or otherwise illegally obtained credit or debit card data for replenishment of the Game Account;
      4. entry, attempted entry or intention to take part in criminal conspiracy with another User while playing on the Website;

      The Game Administration has the right to suspend, cancel or revoke payments or winnings related to bonus funds in the event that the Game Administration has a suspicion that the User intentionally abuses them.

    2. The Game Administration will accept all permissible and legally permitted methods for the elimination and detection of fraudulent conspiracies and their immediate participants; against fraudsters, mandatory measures will be taken. In such cases, any adequate actions remain at the discretion of the Game Administration.
    3. Users are required to immediately notify the Game Administration by e-mail to if they have any suspicions that any person is in collusion or carries out fraudulent activities.
    4. The Game Administration has the right to prohibit Users from accessing the Website and blocking their Game Accounts without prior notice, if they are suspected of fraudulent activity. In such cases, the Game Administration does not bear responsibility for the return and compensation of funds available on the Game Accounts of such Users. In addition, the Game Administration has the right to inform law enforcement agencies about illegal activities. Users are obliged to cooperate fully with the Game Administration when investigating such cases.
    5. Users are prohibited from using the services and software of the Website to commit any fraudulent, illegal acts or transactions in accordance with the laws of a particular jurisdiction. If it is established or revealed the fact of the User doing such actions, the Game Administration may suspend or block the Game Account of the User and retain the funds available on it. In such cases, Users have no right to bring any claims to the administration.
  8. Refusal to provide services to the Website and stop using the services of the Website
    1. In the event of a violation by the User of any of the provisions of this User Agreement, the Game Rules and / or other Game-related Agreements, the Game Administration will send a notice of non-compliance with the relevant provisions. In the event of serious violations of this User Agreement, the Game Rules and / or other Game-related Agreements, the Game Administration will be entitled to immediately block User's use of the Web site services without prior notice.
    2. Reasons for refusing to provide services (use of the Website) can also be the following:
      1. unauthorized use of the Website at the program level;
      2. Execution of exchange transactions with the help of resources;
      3. if more than one Game Account is registered;
      4. provision of knowingly false information in the User's questionnaire;
    3. In case of blocking the Game Account, the registration data will be deleted, payments to the User of funds from the Game Account will be made by the decision of the Game Administration.
    4. The User has the right at any time to stop using the services of the Website by terminating any use of its services. The User may at any time delete the Game Account registered to the User following the instructions received from the Game Administration in the response message to the request at
  9. Restrictions on the use of the Game and the Website

    Use of the Website or the Game, contrary to the limitations of the license, is considered a violation of copyright in relation to the Website or the Game. By accepting this User Agreement, the User agrees that under no circumstances will you perform the following actions:

    1. create or use software tools to bypass restrictions, use automation (bots), computer hacking,
    2. Modifications and any other third-party unauthorized programs designed to modify the Website, the Game or the Game Process;
    3. use the Website, the Game or any part thereof for commercial purposes, including without limitation (a) using them in an Internet cafe, gaming center and any other commercial establishment without the written consent of the Game Administration unless otherwise specified in the User Agreement or license; (b) distribute or promote any commercial advertising; and (c) provide services in the Game for a fee outside the Games, for example, for equalizing forces;
    4. grant to third parties the right to use your account on the Website or Game;
    5. use any third-party unauthorized programs that intercept, retrieve or otherwise collect information on the Website or in the Game, including any unrestricted programs that read the memory areas used by the Game or the Website containing information about the User;
    6. modify or allow the modification of any files that are part of the Game or Website;
    7. organize, provide or develop services for the selection of game partners for the Game or Website, and also intercept, emulate or redirect communication protocols used by the Game Administration in any manner and for any purpose, including without limitation unauthorized game on the Internet, a network game, and also within the framework of data-collection networks;
    8. provide, create or maintain any unauthorized connection to the Game or Website, including without limitation (a) any connection to an unauthorized server that emulates or attempts to emulate the Website or Game, and (b) any connection through programs or tools not approved by the Game Administration ; or
    9. interfere with or interfere with the operation of any computer used to support the Website or the Game Environment (hereinafter referred to as the "Server"), or (b) interfere with the Gameplay of another User. Any attempt to disrupt the operation of the Website or the operation of the Game may constitute a violation of the Criminal and Civil Legislation.

    The User agrees that he has exclusively personal, non-commercial interest regarding the content of the Website and the software of the Game. The User is prohibited from copying, reproducing and publishing any elements and content of the Game Website or the Games Software

  10. Property rights
    1. Users and the Website.
      1. Game and Website (including without exclusion names, computer code, themes, dialogs, phrases, concepts, illustrations, animations, sounds, music, sound and visual effects, objects, histories, methods of work, moral rights, documentation, transcripts gaming chats, Gaming process records, and server software) are copyright objects owned by the Game Administration and its licensors. The Game Administration reserves all rights related to the Game or Website, including without limitation the exclusive right to create derivative products. The User confirms that he will not create any work based on the Game or the Website, except for the cases established by the Game Administration in the rules.
      2. Virtual items. The Game Administration possesses the rights of ownership, has acquired a license or has other rights to all content of the Website or the Game. The User agrees that you do not have any rights to such content, including without limitation the virtual goods available in the Game, as well as any other attributes associated with the Account or available within the Website. The Game Administration does not allow any intentional transfer of virtual property outside the Games, as well as intentional sale, donation or exchange in the "real world" of any objects found in the Game, except for the activities explicitly authorized in writing by the Game Administration.
  11. Disclaimer of Warranties

    For persons residing in the European Union, guarantees are applied in accordance with the statutory law. For persons living outside the European Union, the following applies: to the extent that the Game Administration does not limit the liability, the Website is provided on an "as is" and "if available" basis without any expressed or implied warranties, including without restrictions on the guarantee of merchantability and fitness for certain purposes, property rights, patent purity, and others associated with the distribution or sale of warranties. The Game Administration does not guarantee the possibility of accessing or using the Website at any time or from any place at the User's option, the uninterrupted operation of the Website or the absence of errors, corrections of defects, as well as the absence of viruses or other harmful components in the Game or Website.

  12. Disclaimer of Liability
    1. Use of this Website is subject to the following conditions:
      1. The contents of the pages of this Website are subject to general information and may be used only for reference. This item is subject to change without prior notice.
      2. This Website uses cookies to track user preferences. If the User allows the use of cookies, the following personal data may be stored for use by third parties: Surname, name, date of birth, e-mail address, ID in social networks.
      3. Neither the Game Administration nor the third party provides any guarantees regarding the accuracy, timeliness, effectiveness, completeness or suitability of the information and materials that are or are being offered on this Website. The User acknowledges that such information may contain inaccuracies or errors, and the Game Administration unequivocally excludes responsibility for such errors or errors, within the framework of the law.
      4. The User uses the materials and information on this Website exclusively at his own risk and the Game Administration is not liable for this. It is the User's own responsibility to ensure that the products, services and information on this Website meet its needs. This Website contains materials that belong to the Game Administration and its licensors, and are licensed for it. These materials include design, layout, appearance and graphics, but the Website is not limited to these materials. A duplicate of materials is prohibited, except in cases where copyright notice is provided, which is part of these conditions.
      5. The operator accepts all trademarks on this Website that are not proprietary, or are not licensed on this Website.
      6. Unauthorized use of this Website may result in a claim for damages and / or be a criminal offense.
      7. From time to time this Website may contain links to other Websites. These links are provided solely for the convenience of the User and for providing additional information. This does not mean that the Game Administration supports the Website (s). The Game Administration does not bear any responsibility for the content of this (their) Website (s).
      8. Users acknowledge that this Website is not intended for gambling and can only win prizes because of their own skills, knowledge and skills, and not because of chance and luck.
      9. Users acknowledge the possibility of paying taxes in accordance with the laws of the state to which the user belongs and that the Website or its owners do not bear any responsibility for non-payment or deviation from taxes associated with the use of the Website.
      10. Use of this Website and any dispute arising out of the use of the Website is governed by the laws of Portugal.
  13. Applicable law
    1. This User Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Portugal.
  14. Force Majeure
    1. The Game Administration is not liable for delays or non-fulfillment of the obligations listed in the Agreement if they are caused by force majeure circumstances, which include natural disasters, wars, civil unrest, industrial disputes, disruptions in public utility networks, DDoS- attacks or other Internet attacks that may have a negative impact on the operation of the Website.
    2. During the period of force majeure, the operation of the Website is deemed to be suspended, and during this period, the deferral is performed in fulfillment of the obligations. The Game Administration undertakes to use all means available to it to search for solutions that allow to fully fulfill its obligations to Users, up to the end of the force majeure circumstances.
  15. Validity and cancellation of the contract
    1. The Game Administration has the right to delete the Game Account (as well as the name and password) without prior notification in the following cases:
      1. the Company decided to discontinue the provision of services to all Users or a specific user;
      2. The Game Account of the User is somehow linked to a previously deleted Game Account;
      3. The Game Account is linked to an Game Account that is currently blocked, in which case the Game Administration has the right to close the Game Account regardless of how it is linked and completely block the credentials on these Game Accounts. Except for the cases specified in the Agreement, the balance on the Game Account will be returned to him within a certain period, immediately after filing the request and collecting the amount that the User owes to the Company;
      4. The user participates in a criminal conspiracy or attempts to hack the system;
      5. The user interferes with or attempts to manipulate the software of the Website;
      6. The User uses his Game Account for purposes that may be regarded as unlawful, in accordance with the laws of a particular jurisdiction;
      7. The User publishes information on the Website that is offensive or degrading.
    2. Termination of the Agreement on the initiative of the Administration.

      The Game Administration has the right to terminate this Agreement at any time in a unilateral extrajudicial procedure with the termination of the opportunity to use the Game, including activated and non-activated data and commands, as well as other components of the Game in the following cases:

      1. If the Game closes. In this case, the Game Administration is obliged to send a notice to the User at least one hundred and eighty (180) calendar days before the closing date of the Game. However, the Game Administration does not pay any compensation and, among other things, does not reimburse the User the cash equivalent of the acquired Rights to non-activated data and commands.
  16. Settlement of disputes

    All disputes of the Parties with respect to this Agreement shall be resolved through correspondence and negotiations using a mandatory pre-trial (claim) procedure. If it is impossible to reach agreement between the Parties by negotiation within 60 (sixty) calendar days from the receipt of a written claim by the other Party, the dispute may be referred by any interested party to the court at the place of registration of the Company in accordance with the procedural and substantive law of the state of registration conflict rules.

Using this service, the User confirms that he has read and agreed to these terms of the User Agreement, and agrees to comply with the Game Rules, understands and accepts all the above provisions.